The Accident
 - a film about grasping the day because tomorrow everything may look different.

The Accident is the story of the successful care salesman Jonas. Over night he gets his life turned up side town.
It all starts with a run away car that kills a boy and because Jonas is linked to a similar car he becomes the prime suspect. He tries to prove his innocence but in doing so he only increases the suspicion. He loses his job and his live starts to go down hill. Alone Jonas finds himself outside his familiar references but in the fall he meets people that leads him to see life in a broader perspective.
The Accident is Buskerud Countys first feature film and the story takes place in the city of Drammen outside Oslo.
It will first be presented at The Norwegian International Film festival Haugesund in august 2009.
The film will have its Norwegian premiere on the 28 of august 2009 in Drammen.
Cast: Rune Temte, Sven Nordin, Hassan Brijany, Trine Wiggen, Lars Arentz Hansen, Anders Dalberg, Harald Kolaas and Cathrine Borkenhagen.
Director: Marcelino Martin Valiente Cinematographer: Rolv Håan Composer: Rune M. Glimsdal
Production Company: Fender Film & Spindfilm